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Kung Fu Classes

Growing Together

The ancient art of Kung Fu is renowned for its awesome fighting techniques and health benefits. Whether you are a beginner or have trained previously, we have the right program for you. Learn quick effective self-defenses, practice sparring in a controlled setting and get in shape! We focus on helping you gain confidence, develop life-long skills and peace of mind.

As a martial art, Kung Fu focuses on developing quick reflexes and honing sharp effect techniques for fighting and self-defense. It is not about a person's size, it is about learning how to maximize your power and speed and staying calm. 

Kung Fu forms, whether it is "free hand" or with a weapon helps you develop focus, agility, strength and balance. We teach both external and internal forms, two ways of building strength and power. One is more physical, while the other provides an ancient way to harness your "Qi". It is the best of both worlds, using hard and soft for better health and vitality from two different directions.

Adult Courses: Courses
Adult Courses: Schedule


Longmont Location

6:30-8:00 PM Mon, Wed

Thornton Location

7-8:30 PM Wed

6-8 PM Thur

10:30-Noon Sat

Longmont Location

4:30-5:30 PM Mon, Wed 
Thornton Location

5-6 PM Mon, Wed, Thurs.


Longmont Location

5:30-6:30 PM Mon, Wed




7:00-8:30 PM
Tuesday, Thursday

Beginning Kid's Kung Fu (4 - 8 years olds) is about developing gross motor skills, learning self-discipline and self-defense. We understand that kids need to learn to focus for a short period of time and have the opportunity to let go and have fun. After that, we reign it in and repeat the process. This method of teaching provides the perfect setting for kids to grow and learn martial arts.

This class is tailored for ages from 8 years old to Pre-teens. Our class is about developing useful self-defense / martial arts skills. We focus on practical application of sparring and self-defenses as well as Mat work and a "ton of fun". Exercise should be fun and focused in order to develop strong life habits for self-care and self-discipline.

Beginning Adult Kung Fu classes focus on learning fighting and self-defense techniques as well as weaponry. Traditional Kung Fu is famous for its beauty and effectiveness. Our classes are based on very old internal and external training methods. We share ways to gain effective skills and also ancient ideas on self-development and cultivation.

Our advanced classes are for students that are ready for "next level" training. Whether you have attained a higher rank in Great Way or you have studied before, this class steps it up on a physical level and also provides deep knowledge of Kung Fu fighting techniques and Internal Cultivation.


Open classes are an opportunity to work on anything from basics to advanced techniques. After a long week, we all need to move and stretch and burn off stress. This class provides an opportunity to work hard, find balance and reconnect with yourself. We focus on a good warm up, move to stretching and breathing and on to Kung Fu forms and weaponry work.

10:30 AM Saturday

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