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Meet our instructors

At Great Way we take pride in our instructors

many of our Black belts average over 20 years of study.


Lao Shi Keller, DAcCHM

Lao Shi Keller began his martial arts training over 30 years ago first studying in the Pai Lum Kung fu / Tai Chi system of Master Daniel K. Pai. He honed his training under Master Wang Peisheng refining his understanding of complex Taoist energy work. As a Doctor of Acupuncture with a specialization in herbal medicine and an independent researcher, he has refined his practice of energy work, focusing on how vibration and energy can affect the human body for long term health.


Sifu Kim Newth

Sifu Kim Newth has been studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi for over 20 years. She received her back belt under Lao Shi Keller. She is now the owner and operator of Great Way Chinese Martial Arts in Thornton.


Sifu Smith

Sifu Smith has studied with Lao Shi Keller for over 18 years. He received his Blackbelt in 2020. He is also the proud owner and lead instructor for our Thornton school.


Sifu Dale Newth

Sifu Dale Newth has been studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi for over 20 years. He received his back belt under Lao Shi Keller. He now teaches both Kung fu & Tai Chi at our Longmont school.

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