Tai Chi Meditation in Motion

Tai Chi is a martial art that is more known for its health benefits than being a defensive art. It is equated with breath, balance, coordination, beautiful movement and has been studied extensively because of its wonderful effect on the practitioner’s health. Tai Chi is meditation in motion, over time as a student learns particular forms their body will change. Smaller reinforcing muscles key to our whole structure get stronger and balance returns. Attention to breathing slows the heart rate and relaxes the body. Sustained practice and a focused mental state balance the mind by honing the students' ability to be present but not lost in multiple thoughts that create stress and anxiety.


People often observe that Meditation is not for them because sitting and pushing thoughts out of their mind can be difficult. Having their minds jump around from one thought to another can be stressful and frustrating. In truth, meditation is made easy when you apply the right process. Tai Chi provides the best way to focus your mind and move your body in a gentle fluid way and gain great health benefits. This meditation in motion will increase strength, flexibility, reduce stress and confidence.