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This course has been highly regarded by countless students throughout the years, and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.

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Through this course, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Contact us today to learn more about each of our course offerings.

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As one of our most popular offerings, we recommend signing up for this course as early as possible as it tends to fill up quickly. If you’re unsure about your level or have questions, simply reach out.



Our Story

Lao Shi Dean Keller

Lao Shi Keller began his martial arts training 25 years ago in the Bai Lung Kung fu / Tai Chi system of Master Daniel K. Pai. This opportunity served to build a strong foundation and understanding of Martial Arts, which he has enjoyed sharing with thousands of students.

He then expanded his studies in China where under Master Wang Pei Sheng he studied Xingyi, Yin Style Ba Gua and Wu style Tai Chi. Master Wang’s vast knowledge of Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine served as a pivotal time for Lao Shi Keller. He realized that the great Masters continually applied Martial Philosophy with Ancient Medical Philosophies.

In 2005, Lao Shi Keller received his Masters of Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College. He has continued to refine his studies of classical medicine with practitioners such as Jeffery Nagel, a disciple of Share K. Lew. Lao Shi Keller enjoys a private practice where he treats patients with various types of illnesses.

Based on Lao Shi Keller’s exposure to different amazing Masters through the years he has drawn upon their knowledge and experience to refine his teaching and practice. His strong desire to continue their lineage in Ssu Tao Pai Kung fu expresses itself in numerous ways. The carefully constructed curriculum provides his students with a clear and safe path to develop themselves fully over the course of their training.



Whether you’re a current student of Great Way Chinese Martial Arts or visiting us for the first time, this section can provide helpful information for you. Take a look below and check back often for the latest updates.



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