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Meet Lao Shi Keller

Master Taoist Teacher

Lao Shi Keller began his martial arts training over 30 years ago first studying in the Bai Lung Kung fu / Tai Chi system of Master Daniel K. Pai. He honed his training under Master Wang Peisheng refining his understanding of complex Taoist energy work. As a Master of Oriental Medicine and an independent researcher, he has refined his practice of energy focusing on how vibration and energy can affect the human body for long term health.

woman in white suit make's taiji chuan e

Introducing Quantum Energy Health

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Change the state of your body by affecting your DNA through energy. In the last decade, science has shown that our DNA responds to vibrations in a way that can change our health. Energy work like meditation, Tai Chi and Qi Gong work together to change your being at its core.